Girl Gear: Shimano SH-WT51 Cycling Shoes

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  • Published May 12, 2009
  • Updated May 13, 2009 at 6:23 PM UTC
Shimano SH-WT51 Cycling Shoes ($239.99)

Shimano SH-WT51 Cycling Shoes ($239.99)

Written by: Susan Grant

Inside Triathlon assistant editor Susan Grant reviews the Shimano SH-WT51 Cycling Shoes in this week’s edition of Girl Gear.

We have a running joke around the Competitor Group office that women’s specific equipment is uniformly either blue or pink. Not that I’m knocking either of these color choices, but it does get a tad routine after a while. That’s why one of the first things-granted not a technical aspect, but hear me out-I noticed about the Shimano SH-WT51 triathlon cycling shoes ($239.99) was the sleek lime green and yellow stripes along the sides.

As for technical quality, this shoe has it in spades. The carbon fiber composite sole is lightweight and extremely rigid, allowing for strong power transfer with each pedal stroke. The heel cup is reinforced to ensure its structure throughout the shoe’s lifetime, and the mesh top and seamless interior dry quickly, so wearing the shoe sockless becomes a viable option instead of a blister-inducing sacrifice in order to save a few seconds in transition.

Speaking of transition, that’s what these shoes were designed for. The oversized entry strap came in especially handy for me recently at Wildflower. The bike dismount was several hundred yards from my bike rack. With one easy pull on each shoe at the bottom of Lynch Hill, I was out of my shoes and on my way to my rack while racers around me struggled to either get out of their shoes or carefully “clippity-clop” their way through the transition area.

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