Triathlon Goes Green Thanks To New Technology

  • By Super Administrator
  • Published May 24, 2010

Yesterday’s Land Between the Lakes Triathlon in Albert Lea, Minn. featured a new piece of technology that could help endurance events be produced in an eco-friendly way.

“Today we have no power source here, this is what’s running everything today all of our computer, our music system, PA system,” said triathlon organizer, Steven Merfeld.

This trailer’s eight sun panels are fueling everything.

“The trailer itself can handle a load of up to about 15-hundred watts, were actually drawing about 100 watts here with the pa system, the finish line with the blower, so it’s not a very large load, but it’s all being done by solar energy,” said Albert Lea Mayor, Mike Murtaugh.

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Super Administrator

Super Administrator

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