New Book Asks “How Do You Date A Triathlete?”

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  • Published Jun 4, 2010

Do you wish your loved one would spend as much money on you as they do on their high-performance bike? Do you wish your sex life didn’t revolve around 5am workouts? You’re not alone. In her debut publication How to Date a Triathlete, Lauren McVey-Harsch offers a personal and humorous look inside her relationship with an Ironman triathlete.
See a recap of the book below:
Spanning the globe with her husband on “racations,” How to Date a Triathlete shares McVey-Harsch’s triathlon stories as a spectator, volunteer, travel companion and loving wife. While accepting the lifestyle of a triathlete can be challenging at times, she notes travel as just one of the many advantages of hooking up with one. Referring to body marking and sunscreen application as delicious volunteer opportunities, How to Date a Triathlete serves advice to those who are in love with an endurance athlete, but are not always in love with the endurance athlete lifestyle.

How to Date a Triathlete includes a forward by Virginia Tinley, wife of two-time Ironman World Champion Scott Tinley and Executive Director of the Challenged Athletes Foundation, and a triathlon glossary that will help make any triathlon novice sound like a pro.

How to Date a Triathlete is available now at


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