Biscay Attempting Three Iron-Distance Races In Four Weeks

  • By Liz Hichens
  • Published Aug 24, 2010
  • Updated Aug 25, 2010 at 5:20 PM UTC
Be sure to read the recent Inside Triathlon article on Hillary Biscay, linked at the bottom of the page. Photo: Robert Murphy

American professional triathlete Hillary Biscay is attempting to complete Challenge Copenhagen, Ironman Louisville and Ironman Wisconsin in four short weeks.

Be sure to read the recent Inside Triathlon article on Hillary Biscay, linked at the bottom of the page. Photo: Robert Murphy

Biscay is known for including her name on the start list of several iron-distance races in a season. To start the season off, Biscay finished four Ironmans from the months of February to June, placing in the top ten at each event.

With the Ironman season nearing the end, Biscay has started a journey of completing three iron-distance races in just four weeks. Her first race was Challenge Copenhagen on August 15, where she finished fourth in 9:36:59. Next up for Biscay is Sunday’s Ironman Louisville race in Kentucky. She will back that up with a start at Ironman Wisconsin two weeks later (Sept. 12).

This is not entirely new territory for Biscay. Back in 2008, Biscay won Ironman Wisconsin just one week after finishing fourth at Ironman Louisville.

Biscay comments on her blog that she is relying on coach Matt Dixon for some guidance over these next few weeks:

“I am not one who likes to ask for help, but desperate times called for desperate measures. I contacted an old friend, Matt Dixon of PurplePatch Fitness, whom I have seen work some miracles with other athletes in the past couple of years. I was well aware that he and I approach this sport from very different angles, but a different angle was exactly what I was looking for. Although I am not sure that three Ironmans in four weeks is a schedule that Matt would have designed, he was kind enough to help me come up with a six-week plan that would maximize my chances of what I want most: a good race at Ironman Wisconsin. He warned me that Challenge Copenhagen might not be so special, but that I could likely turn things around in time for Wisconsin.”

Biscay is blogging her way through this challenge at

An article on how Biscay got to where she is today was featured in the January/February 2010 issue of Inside Triathlon. Click here to read the article.

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