GOTRIbal Offers Online, Interactive Training Group For Women

  • By Liz Hichens
  • Published Nov 24, 2010

One month after the successful inaugural GOTRIbal Conference and Retreat, the organization is launching an Olympic-distance triathlon training program aimed at helping women train through the holidays with the goal of competing in a spring or summer triathlon.

The 16-week program promises to help its participants improve self-confidence, get lean and meet race goals. The most unique aspect of the program is its ability to help women communicate with other women from around the world. Athletes will have the opportunity to interact with others who are following the same training program as them.

Kelli Trudel has already signed up for the program and will be using it to prepare for several Olympic-distance races early next year. Trudel says that even though this is traditionally the off-season for many triathletes, she finds it the perfect time to get going.

“I am starting to train now because I let life get in the way and that is no longer an option,” Trudel explained. “The ‘life’ getting in the way inhibited me from doing my daily workouts, which led to an injury, and I was not able to compete in the Boulder Half Ironman because I just was not ready. I am an athlete and I do not sit by the sidelines and I want to take control of my life back.”

The program will also offer women the ability to have direct access to a seasoned triathlon coach, Darcy Eaton. The schedule, community and interaction with the coach provide for an experience that is unique to anything else available.

“I want to be accountable to someone,” Trudel told about the access to a coach. “I want to prove to them that I am their best and they can be proud of me, and more importantly they can help take me to the next level in my training.”

GOTRIbal, which was “created to empower and connect women through the journey of endurance sport,” has already had a positive impact on females from around the world. Dana Vance is just one example of the organization’s ability to promote a healthy lifestyle. She has also signed up for the program and will use it to continue on her inspiring path.

“I have been on an amazing journey over the past two and a half years,” Vance told us. “I have lost 100 pounds and want to continue to train and get stronger. I do not like to sit idle. I have been training on my own and with my friends, but I have reached a training/weight loss plateau. I want to ‘take it up a notch’ and give my body a real good ‘shock.’”

The GOTRIbal Olympic Distance Tri Training Program kicks off on Monday, Nov. 29 and costs a one-time fee of $79. Click here to visit and learn more.


Liz Hichens

Liz Hichens

Liz Hichens is the Web Editor of She is an Ironman and marathon finisher and fan of all endurance sports.

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