Brownlee Brothers Talk About Their Olympic Gold Dream

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  • Published Dec 23, 2010
  • Updated Jan 5, 2012 at 7:56 PM UTC

Great Britain’s Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee talk about their dream of crossing the finish line together on their home turf in 2012 to take Olympic Gold.

As landlord and tenant, there is a danger Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee could seriously fall out between now and the London Olympics — partly because Jonathan too often leaves his room untidy but mainly because he refuses to pay Alistair rent.

‘I can’t face it,’ says Jonathan. ‘He’s my brother.’

But, as well as sharing a house in West Yorkshire, they share a dream related to their astonishing talent for triathlon. It is a dream that would create an extraordinary piece of Olympic history.

With the greatest respect to their rivals and the International Olympic Committee, the Brownlees would love nothing more than to break the winning tape together in Hyde Park in the summer of 2012.

‘I might just do ’im on the line with a quick dip,’ says Jonathan, lunging forward in his seat. ‘But, no, that would be amazing. That is the dream. To cross the line together.’

Alistair agrees. ‘We’d obviously have to find ourselves in front first,’ he says with a smile. ‘That might not be possible because we’ll be competing against the best guys in the world. Olympic and world champions.

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