Canadian Triathlete Launches Strong Kids Shoe Campaign

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  • Published Dec 9, 2010

Buddy Green, a professional triathlete and personal trainer at the YMCA Sudbury in Ontario, Canada, is launching the Strong Kids Shoe Campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to collect new running shoes for kids in need from junior kindergarten up to Grade 12.
Twenty-four-year-old Buddy Green has been an avid athlete for the better part of his life, making his way to provincial, national and international levels of competition in cross-country running, swimming and triathlon.

To make that journey without proper running shoes would have been unthinkable, and most likely impossible. But for many kids, that is the sad reality.

“The need for kids to be active and be able to participate in physical activity is more important than ever in our society today,” Green, a professional triathlete and personal trainer at the YMCA, said. “There are many road blocks that prevent kids from participating in physical activity… having safe, comfortable shoes should not be one of them.”

To help combat this problem, Green is launching the Strong Kids Shoe Campaign, with the goal of collecting new shoes for underprivileged kids from junior kindergarten to Grade 12 in the Greater Sudbury area.

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Super Administrator

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