Endurance LIVE: Top 11 Tri Gear Offerings For 2011

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  • Published Jan 22, 2011
  • Updated Jan 24, 2011 at 1:17 PM UTC

Triathlete gear editor Aaron Hersh spent the day roaming the Endurance LIVE Consumer Show floor to find the latest and greatest new-for-2011 gear that was displayed at the Consumer Show. Here are his top 11 picks, in no particular order, for best gear offerings of 2011.

Felt DA
Felt’s marquee tri bike was overhauled for 2011 and has many new features to complement the upgraded Bayonet system that makes the DA so unique. It has a shell to cover a Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 battery and internal routing so your splendid electronic shifting kit is hidden from the head tube back. A front wheel cut-out and split seat stays are only a few of the alteration for 2011. See images in the photo gallery below.

Oxygen 4 Energy Tru O2
Rodger Bannister, the first person to break 4 minutes for the mile, was not only a historic athlete, he is a medical doctor. As a student, he researched the effects of breathing ultra-oxygenated air on running performance and found that he and his colleagues could run faster if they breathed air with a higher concentration of oxygen than the 21% found in natural air. Oxygen 4 Energy provides just that. Tru O2 is an aerosol can filled with 4 liters of gas that is 95% oxygen and they assert it is USADA legal. We cannot confirm its legality or safety, but we can’t wait to try it on the trainer. See images in the photo gallery below.

Shimano C-50
Shimano is renowned for the quality and functionality of their products, but their race wheels have not yet earned the popularity enjoyed by their component groups or training wheels. The C-50’s are an aluminum clincher wheel aimed to change that. They have a 50mm-deep rim, Ultegra hubs, tip the scales at 1,783 grams and cost a surprisingly moderate $1,300. See images in the photo gallery below.

Compex Edge
Compex, makers of neuromuscular electro-stimulation (NMES) units, have been producing two distinctly different levels of NMES units. The less expensive variety has delivered its theraputic charges with a crisper feeling, and the higher-priced units delivered a smoother feeling charge. Their next unit, the Edge, is priced like an entry-level unit but has the feeling of their higher priced ones. See images in the photo gallery below.

Swim Sense
What foot-pod running watches are to running, Swim Sense is to swimming. It is a wrist watch containing accelerometers that can tell the swimmer their distance, pace, stroke count, even stroke style. Upload the data to your computer after the workout and review your swim workout in more detail than ever before. We are particularly excited to get this in the pool and see how well it works. See images in the photo gallery below.

Torhans Aero30
The Aero30 is a 30-ounce, between the aerobar hydration system. The unit is reminiscent of the other front-end hydration systems but has a few different characteristics. It has two mounting positions that help the bottle sit low and in front of the head tube, has an airfoil sheath for the straw and a clever mount for a computer. See images in the photo gallery below.

Profile Design Altair80
The Altair line of wheels from the famed aerobar maker is finally ready to ship to stores next month. Profile Design anticipates their dealer base and customer support network, in addition to the rim shape and price, will separate their wheels from the many other options out there. Available in 52 or 80mm depth with aluminum clincher, carbon clincher or carbon tubular rim construction. See images in the photo gallery below.

Scott Eride Stability
Scott is famous of their bikes, but their young running shoes earned the accolade as Outside Magazine Gear of the Year in 2010 and their line is expanding in 2011. The Eride Stability is a moderate motion control shoe that is highly vented in the rear and boasts their sturdy-yet-flexible upper. Its sole is curved, Scott’s rocker design, to allow for an easier transition from midfoot to heel. At 10 ounces, it should feel spry. See images in the photo gallery below.

Orbea MyO
MyO, Orbea’s semi-customization program, is a web app that allows customers to select every component that will come on their Ordu or Orca. Design the bike, take it to a dealer and Orbea guarantees it will be shipped in less than two weeks. MyO does not include custom paint, but the rest of the bike can be tweaked and tuned to rider preference. See images in the photo gallery below.

Tyr Orion
The Orion is designed specifically for swimming in open water. The lens is flat directly in front of the eye and curves around the side of the face. They placed the anti-fog coating in between layers of plastic so it won’t rinse off within weeks. They say it will last for 3-4 months. The gasket is made from plastics of two different densities to create a strong suction on the face without sacrificing durability by using only highly malleable rubber. It comes in a single width and the nose piece has twist and turn to bond with different face shapes. See images in the photo gallery below.

Just like Luke Skywalker used to fly a plane in Star Wars, 4iiii displays information from your machine, a bike or run computer in your case, directly in your eye. It is a small snap-on piece that attaches to your glasses and blinks a small light in different colors to indicate your cadence, speed, power, HR or anything else measured by a computer in your field of view. It lets you know where you are relative to your pre-programmed zones. 4iiii is ANT+ compatible, which allows it to link with the majority of wireless computers. See images in the photo gallery below.

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