Top Smartphone Running Apps

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  • Published Jan 21, 2011

Stop watch, mile counter, route map, personal trainer—these days there’s an app for every runner’s needs. For your next workout, turn your GPS-enabled phone into a trustworthy running coach with one of these popular apps.

Run Keeper

With an easy-to-use interface, Run Keeper tracks your pace, distance, time, route and calories burned by using the GPS built into your phone. Set audio cues to receive motivation at time- or distance-based intervals, or program a target pace and get audio updates as you run. After your workout, upload the data to the website to keep a training log. Free or $10 for the Pro version,

Ultra Timer

Whether you’re doing fartleks, intervals or sprints, the Ultra Timer can function as your go-to stopwatch. Choose from a library of alarm sounds or record your own, and pick screen colors to distinguish between timers. The Timer Group allows you to program a full workout with different timers and alarm sounds, so you can go through a warm-up, intervals and cool-down without ever looking at your phone. $2


Designed to provide guidance like a personal trainer, iFitness features more than 300 strength exercises with detailed photos and step-by-step instructions. Many also include video demos. Select exercises by muscle group; use one of 20 workouts designed for different goals; or create your own custom workout. A timing feature is perfect for circuit training, and a workout and weight log allows you to track your progress over time. $2

— Compiled by Kristin Harrison

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