Why Triathlon Is Not The New Golf

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  • Published Jan 11, 2011

GOTRIbal founder Tanya Maslach explains on an blog why, despite its booming popularity, triathlon should not be considered the new golf of the sport’s world.

“Triathlon is the new golf.” It’s one of the most recent quotes highlighted from 2010 to demonstrate the sport’s explosive growth over the last five years. But that’s where the metaphor ends. Triathlon is a lifestyle, not just a sport. And behind the ridiculous price-tag of entry, lies a warm, welcoming and insane group of people.

If you are considering participating in multisport in 2011, there are a few things you should know. If you know a triathlete, or are a triathlete, you also know this list could be twice its length:

1. Training for a triathlon: Commitment and consistency — two words that are critical for success in any sport. Only in triathlon, triathletes will find more ways to squeeze time out of their day so they can rival the amount of time a pro spends in the saddle.

Click here to read the other six reasons.

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