Photo Gallery: Full Throttle Endurance Triathlon Club

  • By Courtney Baird
  • Published Mar 18, 2011
  • Updated Jun 19, 2012 at 12:20 PM UTC

Inside Triathlon magazine recently got to hang out with New York City’s Full Throttle Endurance triathlon club. The team is a motley mix of bankers, executives, a former TV star, an Iraq war veteran and everything in between. They are coming to a race near you. And they’re going to beat you.

Check out photos of our time with them below. To read more about Full Throttle, pick up the March/April issue if Inside Triathlon magazine, on newsstands now.

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Article written by Petra Bartosiewicz. Photos by Erick Rasco.

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Courtney Baird

Courtney Baird

Courtney Baird is the editor-in-chief of Inside Triathlon magazine.

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