In Your Skin: The Importance Of Sun Protection

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  • Published Jul 29, 2011

Saving Your Skin

So now you’re all set to keep your skin safe from the sun. But maybe you’ve had one bad sunburn too many and are now noticing a new crop of moles and spots on your body. The first step is to see a board-certified dermatologist for a body check, says Nossa. “These should happen annually, and if you are a high-risk patient or have a history of skin cancer, go twice a year,” he says. “You should also do self-checks every three months with a hand-held mirror. If you see any suspicious spots or new moles, or a small wound that is not healing, have a dermatologist check it out. Skin cancer is treatable if detected early.”

While your dermatologist is the best source for skin treatment recommendations, if you are more concerned with reducing wrinkles, lines or sunspots, make an appointment with an esthetician. “You can discuss various approaches—from anti-aging serums to more dramatic treatments, like chemical peels or Botox,” says Renée Rouleau, skincare expert, triathlete and founder of an eponymous skincare line. Above all, Rouleau stresses the importance of taking care of your skin just as you do the rest of your body. “A triathlete’s lifestyle is extra hard on the skin and your body. Just as you make a commitment to training, you have to make a commitment to your skin.”

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