Eight Reasons Your Coach Hates You

  • By Jené Shaw
  • Published Jul 19, 2011
Learn how to keep your relationship with your coach a happy one. Photo: Nils Nilsen

8. You disregard the race plan.

Ahh… the race plan. A coach’s time to put together all he or she knows about your training into a smart, executable strategy to get you to your next PR. Instead of listening, you go willy nilly and swim/bike/run how you want and end up walking the last few miles. One coach experienced this with a marathoner whose original plan was to “run fast and hang on.” She instead gave him several different scenarios to get him to his 3:20 goal in a more comfortable, logical fashion. “He agreed and was excited about having a ‘smart plan.’ Unfortunately, after mile one he said he couldn’t control himself and just wanted to run fast, so he reverted to his original plan and ended up with a 3:29. He told me afterward that he ‘did the opposite of what you told me to do and paid the price.’”

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Jené Shaw

Jené Shaw

Jené Shaw is a contributor for Triathlete magazine, a six-time Ironman finisher and a USAT Level 1 certified coach

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