Mirinda Carfrae & Paula Newby-Fraser – The Defending Champ And Kona’s Queen

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  • Published Aug 21, 2011
  • Updated Sep 21, 2011 at 7:15 PM UTC

MC: Normally I would have actually started this week because I would have raced Calgary 70.3 last weekend. But I started a couple of weeks earlier this year. I look at it as this is my Kona training block – it’s about 5 weeks long. Obviously you have some easy days in there, it’s not just a smash out. Then do a race and I’m pretty much done. I look at that last month as you should have everything in the bank. You’ve got a couple more big meaty sessions, but other than that you’re resting up for the race. That’s how Siri and I have planned it out. Its an ironman, and a month out you shouldn’t be scrambling anymore. You shouldn’t be reaching anymore. Maybe try and cut down on diet a little bit if you want to lose a couple pounds…

PNF: Don’t cut down on your diet!

MC: I don’t – I mean I eat ice cream every single day of my life, but with five weeks to go, I stop. Just because it’s one thing I can take out of my diet. I might lose two pounds. But having said that, the first year I raced Kona I was 122 pounds, last year I was 116, and I think I ran better the first year given that it was so hot.

PNF: Well, you were 116 by the time you got off the bike! Last year you were less. You always have to remember your marathon in an ironman, whatever weight you go in, you’re actually starting your marathon probably at your ideal weight. I always say: A little undertrained, a couple of pounds extra, you’ll be healthy and you’ll hit the marathon in perfect shape.

MC: That’s the thing – athletes are getting to the start line so emaciated that they don’t have the energy at the end of the day. They don’t have the reserves.

PNF: Take it from me, we got on that program and it was not good. I watched Heather get on that, and I remember one year she was so thin and it was a train wreck. There is a subtle bit of that going on. Who’s leanest? Who’s looking fit? You know, from the outside you can start to see when people have stepped over the edge just a little bit. And that was my comment from when I saw both of you girls last night. There can’t be anywhere else for Chrissie to go right now. There isn’t a pound to go. I thought: Mirinda is in the perfect situation right now. She looks good and strong, which is awesome.

MC: Thank you.

PNF: I’m just so excited. I think you’re doing the right thing. And as painful as it was to race New Zealand, I think you will be surprised that it was good. Just another notch in your experience, which will serve you well. I mean it. Sometimes it’s less than ideal – because let’s be honest, if you hadn’t had that flat tire – but you can’t win them all beautifully. Sometimes you have to win a little ugly. And it’s a good experience.

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