Pros Qualify For Hy-Vee 5150 Champs, Macca Accepts Invite

  • By Bethany Mavis
  • Published Aug 11, 2011

The Hy-Vee race has the largest prize purse in the sport, at $1.1 million, with $151,500 going to the men and women’s winners.

The Nautica New York City Triathlon on Sunday was the final qualifying race in the inaugural year of the 5150 Series before the 5150 U.S. Championship, held at the Hy-Vee Triathlon. It was the last chance for short-course pros to qualify for the Sept. 4 race in Des Moines, Iowa.

This is the first year the race will be non-drafting. Photo:

The series began on March 13 with the Miami International Triathlon, and pros have been earning points at each 5150 race along the way. After Sunday, the top 25 male and top 25 female pros have now qualified to race Hy-Vee.

In addition to the 25 top points earners in the men’s and women’s fields, 10 additional invitational slots (five to men and five to women) will be filled for the race. According to the 5150 website, “Hy-Vee and WTC retain the right to invite a limited number of athletes to compete in the 2011 Hy-Vee 5150 U.S. Championship,” such as an invitation that was extended to and accepted by reigning Ironman world champion Chris “Macca” McCormack, who has made public his quest to get a slot on the Australian Olympic team in lieu of racing in the Ironman World Championship this year.

“HyVee Triathlon here we come. Registered and looking forward to racing. Need to build some bike power. Boys will be strong! Should be fun,” McCormack said in a tweet on July 28.

The Hy-Vee race has the largest prize purse in the sport, at $1.1 million, with $151,500 going to the men and women’s winners.

The final pro rankings have been published on the 5150 website, and the top 25 male and female pros will have until Sunday, Aug. 14 to officially accept their slots and complete the required registration for the Hy-Vee race. Any unclaimed slots will roll down to the next highest ranked athlete.

Below are the top five men and women after the NYC Triathlon.

1. Stuart Hayes (GBR) 1800
2. Paul Matthews (GBR) 1550
3. Cameron Dye (USA) 1550
4. Benjamin Collins (USA) 1500
5. Martin Krnavek (CZE) 1450

1. Nikki Butterfield (AUS) 1875
2. Anna Cleaver (AUS) 1475
3. Alicia Kaye (USA) 1400
4. Annie Warner (USA) 1375
5. Amanda Stevens (USA) 1350

Check back to for a preview of who’ll be competing for the $1.1 million.


Bethany Mavis

Bethany Mavis

Bethany Mavis is the managing editor of Triathlete magazine. She's a mom, rec soccer player, multiple half-marathon finisher and is learning daily how to become a better triathlete.

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