Key Session: The Braveheart Brick

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  • Published Aug 1, 2011
  • Updated Oct 24, 2012 at 4:19 PM UTC

The Braveheart Brick is a high intensity pre-race/race season workout so get ready to suffer! It’s short, it’s quick and it’s a time efficient way to improve your transitions and get plenty of work in. Whether you’re training for your first sprint race or for your 10th Ironman, this session can have a place in your schedule. Not only that, you can get a group of friends together, regardless of ability, and all feel like a part of the session!

What you need:

Bike and bike shoes
Run shoes

Warm Up

– 10 minutes easy spin on your bike to dial everything in on trainer.
– 10 minutes easy jog. Finish with 4 stride outs (50 yard 80-90% sprints focusing on quick leg turnover and form).

Extended Warm Up On Bike:

– 5 by 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy while holding 100 rpms. Start off in small chain ring, and gradually go up the cassette to harder gear in order to increase intensity throughout the warm up. Finish in big chain ring at front by the end. Heart rate/power should go from 75% to 90% by the end of this.

Main Set


– 1 minute at 50-60rpm and 85% effort (probably big chain ring middle to top of cassette), then drop one to two gears easier and do 1 minute at 100-110rpms and 90-95% effort (probably big chain ring middle to bottom of cassette). Repeat three more times to get to 8 minutes total.


– Get off bike and run 4 minutes HARD at 90-95% effort. Flat to rolling terrain. Work on leg speed.

– 3 minutes easy spin on bike before starting next session.

Repeat this three to four times in total for a KILLER workout. For more info on the Braveheart Brick and the Braveheart Bootcamp “staycation training camp” go to

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