Not For Beginners: One Tough Swim Workout

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  • Published Aug 15, 2011

This 45-minute workout is designed for top-notch swimmers.

Written by: Chris Summers

Let’s gear up for a tough ladder workout. The purpose of the workout is to link back-to-back max effort distances with a decreasing amount of rest between intervals. All of my workouts begin and end with several minutes of light warm-up/cool-down and stretching. If you have not yet incorporated stretching into your routine, now is the time to begin.

Many recent medical studies have shown significant and dramatic correlation between flexibility and maintaining physical health and independence much later in life.

This is a 45-minute 2300m workout. The intervals assume an average 100m pace of 1:20-1:30. If this is not your pace, you can adjust the rest intervals on the main set accordingly. The point of the main set as previously mentioned is to link maximal effort sets together with increasing distance and decreasing rest. At the top of the ladder you should have at most about five seconds rest before the next set.

After about five minutes of stretching and foam rolling, jump in the pool for the warm-up kick set. I strongly recommend training without a kickboard as they put the body into a non-streamlined position. Kicking without using boards will allow you to practice your quick scull hand entry when you raise your head to breathe.

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