Tips For The First-Time Triathlete

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  • Published Aug 4, 2011
  • Updated Feb 19, 2013 at 11:17 AM UTC
Race day should not be your first time in the open water. Photo: John Segesta

Overcome Your Fears

Coach Laura Cozik and Fit Nation Triathlete Nina Lovel high five after an open-water swim at Hapuna Beach in Hawaii.

Fear: Open-water swimming

Overcoming it: Especially for your first time, do a race with a group or a friend. For the CNN Fit Nation Six Pack, we will have everyone swimming all in one group. I’ll swim with them and Dr. Gupta will also.

Fear: Biking and swimming with a crowd

Overcoming it: Again, doing it with a friend helps. Just tell yourself “You can do it. Anyone can do it.”

Fear: Racing in heat

Overcoming it: Train in heat when you can. Get your body used to the racing conditions.

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