Jenny Fletcher Gears Up For Hy-Vee

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  • Published Sep 2, 2011

We asked pro triathlete Jenny Fletcher about this weekend’s Hy-Vee race, how she hydrates in the heat and her second career in modeling. What are you most looking forward to about Hy-Vee?

Fletcher: Just to be here and qualify is so exciting for me. I’ve trained hard for this race so I am most looking forward to
having fun and enjoying the experience. It is typically hot and humid in Des Moines, Iowa. What do you differently in your nutrition to combat this?

Fletcher: Hydrate with electrolyte mix and salt pills. What do you do for recovery for a fast race in these challenging conditions?

Fletcher: Post race: Make sure I hydrate and get in a protein shake. And sleep. Tell us about your modeling career. How did you get started in it and what type of modeling do you do?

Fletcher: I was discovered at 15 and from there it literally changed my life and world. I’ve been traveling the world modeling now for the last 20 years. Ha! That ages me. But I even love it more now because the jobs I do are mostly for my amazing sponsors and my name is attached as a professional athlete. That is something I am proud of—to be able to start another career as a professional athlete and have modeling be part of it as well. It’s making a long career. How are you able to balance both careers?

Fletcher: It’s tough. One always seems to take the back burner but I’m thankful to have two professions that I love to do. And work hard at both so I can create longevity in two careers that technically have a time frame on them. Let’s just say
it keeps me on my toes. Any advice you can give on finding balance with two careers?

Fletcher: Just enjoy the journey. I tend to get overwhelmed with everything, so I am getting help where I need help to alleviate the pressure of all the things I have to do and I can just
focus on being the best “ME” that I can. I just try to apply all I learn through trial and error and also through others so that I can achieve my dreams.


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