Interbike, 140 Characters At A Time

  • By Aaron Hersh
  • Published Sep 17, 2011

Triathlete tech editor Aaron Hersh patrolled the Interbike showroom floor and Outdoor Demo looking for the best new tri gear. Here’s what he found, 140 characters at a time. Follow him @triathletetech. Click here for more from Interbike.

* Dirt demo is under siege by a monsoon. No cool bikes to tell you about yet 🙁

* Vision Metron shifters on the felt b12 and da4. They have great upshift feel.

* For the gear heads, Chris King r45 hubs coming with ceramic bearings next month.

* Fizik Kurve saddle system suspends the upper on a skeleton and tension can be changed with inserts to alter comfort

* BMC TM01 on the road.

* Madfiber has a tubeless clincher version of their all carbon wheels with Al tire bed and carbon brake track on outside of the Al bed.

* Michael Raelert appearance at the BMC booth.

* Talked with Steve Hed. He says aero wheels can still go wider. A lot wider.

* @michaellovato in reply to ↑
@TriathleteTech But will those wheels fit in our bikes if they go wider?!

* @triathletetech in reply to ↑
@michaellovato some will others won’t. Forks frames brakes and wheels would have to evolve together
@triathletephoto retweeted

* Night time fun in Vegas! #CrossVegas #Interbike –

*Garmin and Look/Polar pedal-based power meters are just about ready to go. Info will be on thurs am.

* Looks like Specialized has some “Top Secret” plans for Kona this year. #Interbike
* Interbike: Pedal Power – via @triathletemag

*Giros tri version of the road shoe that was new last year will be ready in April

*Ultegra Di2 not compatible with Dura-Ace Di2 tri shifters and Ultegra Di2 tri shifters aren’t out. Damn.

* @Burberry9 in reply to ↑
@TriathleteTech so you Know when the Ultegra Stifters will come?

* @TriathleteTech in reply to ↑
@Burberry9 no release date available yet.

* @Burberry9 in reply to ↑
@TriathleteTech damn so I Must take the DA groupset. Expensive

* @TriathleteTech in reply to ↑
@Burberry9 yeah it’s really expensive but it sounds like you already know how well it shifts.

* @Burberry9 in reply to ↑
@TriathleteTech yes i know you know if the groupset will also work with only the break/Shift levers without the Shifter at bar end?

* Campy electronic shifting. No timeline yet for triathlon shifters.

*More wide wheels. These from @RolfPrima:

* Powertap G3 hub is only a little thicker than many standard hubs.

* Just saw Barry Bonds walking interbike. That’s odd.

* Bonds, then a dog with a gopro. The famous #DoggyJournalist of course. Oh yeah, almost forgot Vegas is weird


Aaron Hersh

Aaron Hersh

Aaron Hersh is the Senior Tech Editor of Triathlete magazine. To submit a question, write Aaron at

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