Five Triathlon Recovery Techniques From Ryan Sutter

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  • Published Sep 13, 2011
  • Updated Oct 24, 2012 at 4:16 PM UTC
Photo: Gatorade/Stephen Green

“Bachelorette” fans will recognize Ryan Sutter from the television show, numerous magazine covers and his high-profile wedding. But when outside the spotlight, Sutter is constantly training for triathlons. He’s completed two Ironmans and just this weekend, finished the Chicago Triathlon.

Photo: Gatorade/Stephen Green

Working with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, Sutter is profiled on a new web series titled “Inside Endurance,” which provides viewers with a look inside the world of endurance sports. In the series, Sutter is taught proper nutrition and provided training tips.

Here are five recovery techniques he has learned from this experience:

1.     Your recovery is taking place during the race. I used to finish a race tired and worn out because I thought that’s how you should feel. But it was because I was depleting myself of nutrition. If you use proper nutrition, you will finish your race strong.

2.     You need to get your energy restored right after the race. I have a hard time eating right after I finish, so I’ve been using recovery drinks. You need it to immediately rebuild your muscles.

3.     As soon as possible, you should get back into your normal eating routine.

4.     I recommend ice baths after really long races to reduce inflammation and muscle soreness.

5.     Use compression garments. I was skeptical with this, but I tried it after I finished Lake Placid and it worked.

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