Video: My Day In Kona

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  • Published Oct 18, 2011

Ironman World Championship competitor Cody Westheimer participated in the race while toting along a GoPro camera for 140.6 miles. Read what Cody had to say below and then watch the inspirational video.

“I decided to bring a little extra baggage along my 140.6-mile journey at the world’s most famous and storied triathlon, Ironman Hawaii. I was lucky enough to get a slot by way of the lottery and I wanted to soak in every second.

By wearing my GoPro waterproof video camera I was able to grab just over three hours of footage during the race – and I brought it on each leg of the day. Then it was a weekend of cutting and setting my music to the footage. What’s resulted is a nice little compilation of the day – I hope you enjoy 14 hours and 10 minutes compressed into eight and a half minutes!

And if you’re an endurance athlete, check out and tweet #ironcure to help fight (currently) incurable diseases!”

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