Bog Snorkeling: A New Take On Triathlon

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  • Published Nov 4, 2011

A bog snorkeling triathlon is made up of running, bog snorkeling and mountain biking.

The Welsh have a twist on the typical triathlon you may be familiar with. As far as unusual sports go, here’s one that ranks up there pretty high. Even out of those who have heard of it, few actually want to participate in it.

The bog snorkeling triathlon is an unusual event that starts with a 7.5-mile run followed by two lengths of the 60-yard peat bog trench and then a 19-mile mountain cycle ride. Biking through a muddy bog with lead weights on is not the typical idea of a good time but for those participating in the bog snorkeling triathlon, this is right up their alley.

This is more than just rolling around in the mud and is a truly challenging fitness feat to achieve. In 2009, the winner of the competition set the world record time of two hours 21 minutes and five seconds. It must run in their family because the winner, 30-year-old Dan Bent from Richmond, Surrey also has a sister Natalie who won the women’s section of the World Bog snorkeling triathlon in 3 hours 11 minutes. The day before she won the World Bog Snorkeling Mountain Bike Championship and she is a Double World Champion.

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