Foods To Help You Get A Better Night Sleep

  • By Pip Taylor
  • Published Jan 19, 2012
  • Updated Jan 19, 2012 at 7:38 PM UTC

Q: I sometimes have trouble sleeping. Are there any foods that can help or any that I should avoid?

A: Sleep is vital for not only athletes trying to recover from rigorous training schedules, but for everyone for overall health and optimal functioning. The complex relationship of physiological and psychological effects means it also helps prevent muscle loss and speeds weight loss, while inadequate sleep leads to worsened mood-state, impaired coordination and numerous other health risks.

For the athlete this can mean decreased physical performance and lack of improvement in training, while impaired agility, slower reflexes and diminished capacity for decision-making can lead to increased risk of injury. Even though you can’t always control getting a good night’s sleep, keep these nutritional factors in mind that can affect your sleep quality.

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