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  • By Lance Watson
  • Published Feb 6, 2012
  • Updated Oct 31, 2014 at 4:37 PM UTC
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Weeks 7–8

(3–4 weeks before Ironman)
Aerobic power
You are now fine-tuning for your race. The goal of this training block is to peak for your event. Reduce overall training volume by approximately 20 percent and focus your training weeks around one very strong long run on a race-specific course. The goal is not to go long, but rather to challenge your aerobic system and fine-tune your body for race day.

Training focus:

Two weeks of building aerobic power with riding and running focused on moving faster than goal Ironman pace.

Key sessions:

• 1 aerobic power ride per week of 4–5 hours, including 3–4 intervals in race-specific scenario (similar terrain and environment) at 1–2 mph faster than Ironman goal race pace (or heart rate 5–10 beats above target Ironman heart rate) in your aerobars.
• Brick runs off the bike in race-specific scenario at goal race pace/heart rate for 15–60 minutes.
• 1 aerobic power run per week of 1.5–2 hours in race-specific scenario (similar terrain and environment), which build by one-third throughout the run to finish at approximately your half-Ironman pace for the final third.
• Swimming lactic threshold sets, such as 20×100 yards with 30 seconds rest, trying to swim 3–5 seconds per 100 yards faster than goal Ironman swim pace. Group swimming that includes multiple short intervals.

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