Happily Ever After: Meet Four Triathlon Couples

  • By Sarah Wassner Flynn
  • Published Mar 8, 2012
  • Updated Oct 31, 2014 at 4:37 PM UTC

These four pairs prove that the couple that trains together, stays together.

Team Stenzel
Who: Steve Stenzel, 30 and Sarah Linder-Stenzel, 31
Where: St. Paul, MN

High school sweethearts Steve and Sarah started off as runners but now race triathlons regularly. Sarah, who took up the sport first, converted a hesitant Steve to the sport in 2006, and, since then the two of them have competed in every distance, from sprint to Ironman, often together.

Race Support. “I asked Sarah not to race with me for my first triathlon—I wanted to have someone cheering for me and supporting me from the sidelines,” says Steve. “It made me a lot calmer knowing she was right there for me just off the course.”

For the Better. “The fact that we both do tris makes us more understanding that the other person needs to get out and get in a workout,” says Sarah. “Once upon a time, Steve gave me the ‘You love running more than you love me’ speech. But now we know that exercise and triathlon make us better spouses and better parents.”

Double Time. Since the pair welcomed son Henry nine months ago, they’ve been working on the delicate balance between parenting and training. “We’ve mastered the art of doing ‘baby intervals’, where one of us will watch our son and use that as rest while the other does an interval,” says Steve.

Keeping It Fun. No matter how intense things get, Steve stresses it’s key to keep things fun—especially right before race day. “I enjoy the time we get to spend together in the bathroom the night before a race when Sarah shaves my shoulders and back. Good times,” he says.

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