Ethos Announces New Multisport Festivals

  • By Courtney Baird
  • Published Mar 29, 2012
Photo courtesy of Ethos.

Event company Ethos announced today that it will be hosting two multisport festivals in Temecula, Calif., this year in partnership with the SEAL-Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation.

The company’s May 19 festival will include an 8K challenge race and a swim-run-swim-run Grand Prix-style multisport race, along with the opportunity to test your mettle on a replica of a Navy SEAL obstacle course, which is used to train Navy SEALs and during their famous hell week.

Ethos will also put together a kids-friendly obstacle course, Ethos said.

On September 22-23, Ethos plans to host a multisport festival that will include a triathlon, challenge races, and the opportunity to run the Navy SEAL obstacle course replica.

Live music is set to be played at both the May and September festivals.

The multisport festivals are set to take place at Temecula’s Vail Lake Resort, an 11,000-acre, privately owned ranch in the middle of Temecula’s wine country—about 50 miles east of San Diego—that includes camping spots and RV parking. Racers also have the option to stay at nearby hotels and resorts.

A portion of the proceeds for the event will be donated to the SEAL-Naval Special Warfare Foundation, which works to provide support to the families of fallen U.S. Special Forces troops, Ethos said.

The foundation will also help design the festivals’ challenge races, Ethos said.

The idea for the multisport festivals grew from the growing popularity of triathlons and challenge races.

“Multisport athletes live their lives a certain way, and this is sort of like us all saying, ‘If we had 36 hours to spend, how would we want to spend it? What would be the components of it?’’ asked Michael O’Neil, founder of Ethos and a triathlete for more than a decade. “People who have the same ethos—our friends—they’d say, ‘We’d want to be outside in someplace beautiful and open. We would want to compete with our friends, and we would want to celebrate or have some social aspect to it.’”

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Courtney Baird

Courtney Baird

Courtney Baird is the editor-in-chief of Inside Triathlon magazine.

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