Olympic Qualifying Stories To Watch For In Sydney

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  • Published Apr 11, 2012
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In the home stretch of the London 2012 Olympics qualifying period, which officially closes on May 31st, will take a look at the Olympics rankings simulator after every major race. This week it’s a chance to look into the results from the Le Morne ATU African Triathlon Championships, the Tateyama ASTC Asian Triathlon Championships, and preview Dextro Energy Triathlon Sydney this weekend.

First of all, in an Continential Championship update – Japan and South Africa have secured two spots each on the start line for London with their respective Asian and African Championship wins. In ITU’s two-fold qualification process, where athletes work to secure points for their National Olympic Committee and then meet their National Federations qualification criteria to fill those spots, each of the five Continental Championships has an important role to play. Each of the 10 winners, elite men’s and women’s across the five continents, secure one place for their NOC in London.

South Africa’s Richard Murray and Gillian Sanders, and Japan’s Mariko Adachi and Yuichi Hosoda won those places for their respective National Olympic Committees. Now it’s up to Triathlon South Africa and the Japanese Triathlon Union to decide how those places are filled. But how did those results impact on the rest of the qualification process? delves into the simulation here.

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