Kelly Williamson’s Five Tips For Half-Ironman Bike Speed

  • By Bethany Mavis
  • Published Apr 5, 2012
  • Updated Oct 31, 2014 at 4:37 PM UTC
Photo: Andrew Loehman

3. Do an Ironman.
“I honestly just think that moving up to Ironman has made my bike stronger; it has forced me to spend more time on my bike. I could get away with just a ‘mediocre’ bike when I was doing Olympic-distance races and even half-Ironmans, but when you move up to Ironman, the bike is the largest portion of the race. If you lose a significant amount of time there, it really shows and it can take you out of the game. Cycling has never been my favorite of the three disciplines, so I’m not one to just ride five hours in December because it’s fun. Not my idea of fun! I’d never ridden 100 miles until I moved up to Ironman races in 2010. Even then, I didn’t often ride over 100 miles in training. Actually come to think of it, I’ve never ridden over 112 miles to date! So, I think it’s just been that I have ridden more volume the past few years than I had earlier in my career.”

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Bethany Mavis

Bethany Mavis

Bethany Mavis is the managing editor of Triathlete magazine. She's a mom, rec soccer player, multiple half-marathon finisher and is learning daily how to become a better triathlete.

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