Simon Whitfield Discusses Lance Armstrong Twitter Altercation

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  • Published May 2, 2012
Bevan Docherty and Simon Withfield. Photo: Delly Carr/

Canada’s Simon Whitfield recently came onto Competitor Radio to talk about the 2012 London Olympics and the next step for his career, which will include a 70.3 this fall.

Whitfield also discussed the Twitter altercation that took place last week between him and Lance Armstrong. The back-and-forth, which centered around Armstrong’s opinion about draft-legal triathlon, received a lot of media attention.

“I think it was just two guys who are competitive and love the sport and see it in a different light,” Whitfield said. “I was really disappointed in how it got turned into more than that. I was most disappointed in how it got turned into a way for people to bash Lance as a person and whether you like it or not it was irrelevant to the conversation.”

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