Triathlon Community Reacts To Lance Armstrong News

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  • Published Jun 14, 2012
Photo: Kurt Hoy

While several of the sport’s top stars have chosen to remain silent on the Lance Armstrong topic, a few expressed their opinions on Twitter. Below is a sampling of what some of the triathlon community has to say about the news that Lance Armstrong will be ineligible to compete in triathlons due to a new doping investigation from the USADA. What do you think? Head over to our poll to share your thoughts.

Chris McCormack (Professional Triathlete)

Everyone wants to know my take on @lancearmstrong<>. Being banned for being “investigated” seems unfair to me. Let him race!!! Ban if guilty!

Nikki Butterfield (Professional Triathlete)

feel bad for @lancearmstrong. He’s retired from cycling, leave the guy alone. Like everyone should be, test him often & let him race.

Mat Steinmetz (Triathlon Coach)

Well, triathlon was just on the Today show

Sarah Haskins (Professional Triathlete)

Despite the unfortunate events unfolding, I was hoping to watch @lancearmstrong debut in the Ironman in 2 weeks.

Dirk Bockel (Professional Triathlete)

sad to read the sport news this morning. never ending stories….once again. anyways, off to run the course now

Tyler Butterfield (Professional Triathlete)

Haha, just catching up on news. All day training! Let the guy be… But keep testing him into Kona, with betters tests!

First Off The Bike (Triathlon Media)

Someone explain the guilty until proven innocent process? How is it @lancearmstrong gets benched on conjecture?

Luke McKenzie (Professional Triathlete)

Soooo in other news … over it!

Greg Bennett (Professional Triathlete)

Hmm Interesting. RT @TriathleteMag: Lance Armstrong banned from triathlon until the resolution of a USADA investigation

Greg Bennett

Numerous responses from my previous tweet “hmm interesting” re: LA. I agree, innocent until proven guilty. But “Interesting” non-the-less.

Bryan Rhodes (Professional Triathlete)

I’m swimming & Wow “@TriathleteMag: Lance banned from triathlon competition until resolution of a USADA investigation

Will Clarke (Professional Triathlete)

Just got back from Hooters (friends birthday, don’t ask!) and heard about Lance! What’s going on!? We’ve got a race this year!

Richie Cunningham (Professional Triathlete)

Interesting development in triathlon. Good read in Washington Post. Will this be enough evidence for some of you????

Josh Cox (Elite Runner)

USADA is bringing doping charges against @lancearmstrong: His response: Thoughts?

Gina Crawford (Professional Triathlete)
Never been the biggest LA fan, but I am super bummed I won’t be racing with him in France. Was looking forward to seeing him race an IM.


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