4 Tools For Recovery

  • By Aaron Hersh and Adam Elder
  • Published Jul 17, 2012
  • Updated Dec 17, 2012 at 3:46 PM UTC

Recover faster after a workout or rehab yourself back to health with these tools.

Because all injuries take time to heal, no product is going to get you over an injury on its own. But since inflammation is the underlying physiology behind injury, you can get it under control faster—and perhaps prevent it in the first place—with the help of these high- and low-tech devices. Triathlete medical advisory boardmembers Dr. Jordan Metzl and Dr. Jeffrey Sankoff weigh in on each product.

The Marathon Stick

Use for:

Dr. Sankoff says: Increases blood supply. For muscle fatigue, The Stick is great. Just like massage feels great on a fatigued muscle, The Stick is going to do wonders for that kind of thing. If you have a sprain or a torn muscle, The Stick should not be used.

Fix yourself: Grab both handles and firmly press the center of The Stick into a major muscle group. Roll it up and down the entire muscle body.

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