Triathlete’s Summer 2012 Running Shoe Review

  • By Brian Metzler
  • Published Jul 5, 2012
  • Updated Oct 31, 2014 at 4:38 PM UTC

Nike Zoom Elite+ 5 | 9.9 oz | $105

Fit | Even after a complete overhaul, the Zoom Elite’s fit is still true. It’s “on the low-volume side and I think it’s ideal for those with thinner feet,” said one tester. The heel and arch are snug, but the forefoot is looser. The Elite+ 5 is much more built-up than previous versions, and it now falls into the everyday trainer category instead of the performance trainer group.

Feel | Despite the added girth to this incarnation, it’s still a light shoe—considerably lighter, in fact, than it’s ever been. “This is a totally different shoe than I would expect it to be, and it felt and ran a lot lighter than it looked,” one tester remarked. It has a greatly reduced heel-toe ramp and seems to offer up decent agility and responsiveness for such a stout shoe.

Ride | It doesn’t take many miles to realize that the minimized heel doesn’t get in the way of mid-foot running like its predecessors. Many testers thought it served up a bouncy, somewhat energetic ride, but most preferred it for longer and slower runs. “This shoe went through a complete 180-degree change. It’s a quality everyday trainer,” said one tester.

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