Triathlete’s Summer 2012 Running Shoe Review

  • By Brian Metzler
  • Published Jul 5, 2012
  • Updated Oct 31, 2014 at 4:38 PM UTC

Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 7 | 10.6 oz | $120

Fit | Snug and reassuring, it has a secure fit in the heel and arch; there is no slippage whatsoever. The toe box is the size and shape of most traditional training shoes, but the flexible open mesh isn’t bound by any restrictive overlays. It allows the toes to naturally splay more than a lot of shoes.

Feel | “It’s definitely a shoe that offers stability and a solid feeling,” one tester said. Although there’s plenty of step-in softness and a very cushy heel, it feels firm in the first few steps, thanks to the harder durometer midsole foam and plastic shank under the mid-foot.

Ride | Despite the firm feeling, most testers thought this shoe ran smoothly. It didn’t feel unusually fast, but it was reliable on long training runs and versatile enough to run fartlek and tempo pace on occasion. “It’s a workhorse—a shoe you can put a lot of miles in,” said one tester. “It’s one I’d use for recovery runs and long-distance days,” said another.

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