Triathlete Attacked By Otter While Swimming In Minnesota

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  • Published Jul 17, 2012

A triathlete who overcame a devastating car crash and cancer to compete in some of the country’s toughest races has experienced yet another hurdle: a terrifying otter attack during a practice swim.

Leah Prudhomme, from Anoka, Minnesota, was left with 25 gashes to her legs, ankles and feet and needed a rabies shot in each cut, as well as tetanus shots, after the seven-minute attack.

The seasoned competitor was on a mile-and-a-half swim in Island Lake near Duluth with a friend when she swam near a bog and felt an animal’s teeth clamp down on her foot.

Screaming, she tried to get away from what she assumed was a muskrat or beaver, but the creature continued to dive under water and snap at her legs and feet through her wet suit.

“I thought if I backed up it would leave me alone, but it didn’t,”  she told MailOnline. ‘It was just diving back under again and again. It was terrifying.”

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