Multisport Menu: Sweet Tooth

  • By Bethany Mavis
  • Published Jul 16, 2012
Photo: Nils Nilsen

Two major sports nutrition brands, Gatorade and Cytomax, recently branched into the energy chew market, offering athletes another way to get the carbohydrates and electrolytes needed before and during long workouts.

Gatorade G Series Pro Carb Energy Chews, $2.29

Gatorade’s chews come in inventive packaging (two sleeves of four large chews each) that’s easy to open mid-ride. Available in orange and fruit punch flavors, they taste a lot like fruit snacks and are easy to chomp down. Nutritionally, the chews lean more toward quick-burning sugars than complex carbs, and they have a hefty serving of electrolytes (105mg of sodium and 50mg of potassium per serving).

Cytomax Energy Drops, $1.99

The Energy Drops utilize the same blend of carbohydrates as the Cytomax Sports Performance Drink—a mix of quick- and slow-burning carbs (a total of 22g per serving), plus they contain a significant dose of electrolytes (65mg of sodium and 30mg of potassium). We found the pomegranate berry/tropical fruit flavor pleasantly tart. Each pouch contains two five-chew servings. Also available in orange/tangerine, which contains 25mg of caffeine per serving.

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Bethany Mavis

Bethany Mavis

Bethany Mavis is the managing editor of Triathlete magazine. She's a mom, rec soccer player, multiple half-marathon finisher and is learning daily how to become a better triathlete.

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