Eurobike 2012: Fizik K1 Tri Shoe

  • By Aaron Hersh
  • Published Aug 30, 2012
  • Updated Feb 19, 2013 at 11:31 AM UTC

The stylish Italian company has adapted their road shoe technology to create a multi-sport version. Built on the same lasts as the men’s and women’s road shoes, the Fizik K1 uses their “sailcloth” material to create two Velcro closure straps. One adjusts forefoot fit and the other secures the foot; the retention system is fairly typical. The big strap is tapered with the intention of preventing it from pulling out of the loop, but the strap has no tab and pulls out with little force.

Both shoes use the 3D Flex outsole, designed to allow the shoes to twist slightly laterally for comfort while still creating a vertically rigid base with a carbon shank down the center of the sole. Ironman athletes will appreciate the added freedom. Riding 112 miles in a super stiff sole can beat up the foot.

Perforated neoprene is used extensively in the upper of the men’s version, the K1 Uomo. It wraps around the top of the heel, along the side of the foot opening and over most of the arch. Fizik says the idea behind using this material was to allow the foot to slide in freely. The other effects of using perforated neoprene—breathability, comfort, wicking—will be unique aspects of this shoe, good or bad.

The women’s version also has perforated neoprene around the inside of the shoe, but not on the outside. The pink and orange highlights on the women’s version aren’t options; the shoes come as a pair. The right is orange, and the left pink.

Fizik’s road shoes are definitively snug and narrow, a characteristic that may help the K1 fit without socks. The K1 will come with Fizik’s heat-moldable Sidas inserts.

Size 43 men’s shoes weigh 219 grams and the size 38.5 women’s is 159 grams. $400 for each and they’ll be out next month.

Photos: Day One From Eurobike

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Aaron Hersh

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