2013’s Ultimate Tri Gear

  • By Aaron Hersh
  • Published Sep 6, 2012
  • Updated Oct 31, 2014 at 4:39 PM UTC
Photo: Aaron Hersh

Helmet: Giro Air Attack
Progression: Blending aero and road

It resembles a BMX helmet, but the Air Attack’s clever design strikes the mid-point between road helmets and full-on aero options. Giro says its aerodynamic performance splits between their fully vented Aeon road helmet and the nearly vent-less long-tail Selector. It’s a great way to buy some free speed on a group ride without looking like you’re trying too hard, or for hot races. If you’re only going to own one helmet for training and racing, this might be the one.

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Aaron Hersh

Aaron Hersh

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