Lance Armstrong: “I Am Not Banned From Life”

  • By Julia Polloreno
  • Published Sep 25, 2012
  • Updated Oct 31, 2014 at 4:39 PM UTC
Armstrong spent much of 2012 competing in the sport of triathlon. Photo: Kurt Hoy

Earlier today we caught up with Lance Armstrong, who will race in this weekend’s SuperFrog Triathlon in Coronado, Calif. and the Rev3 Half-Full Tri in Columbia, Md. on Oct. 7 with the goal of raising money for cancer research.

Julia Polloreno: How did you decide on SuperFrog for your next tri? Can you speak to your support of the SEALS and about the event as it reflects the roots of our sport? 

Lance Armstrong: Well, first and foremost, I’m a huge fan of the SEALS and every individual in the armed forces for that matter. Their level of sacrifice, dedication, loyalty and honor is unmatched. I’ve done two USO trips overseas to visit our troops and [am] always humbled by their commitment. I also had the opportunity to meet some of the guys on SEALS Team 10 at the 2005 Tour de France, yes, the seventh one that I won. Amazing guys. Then in ‘08 I spent a day at the training facility in Coronado with them during “hell week,” spoke to the guys, and even did their famous obstacle course, which scared the living shit out of me. The SuperFrog guys had been asking me for years to come out and race but it never fit into my schedule for some reason or another until now. I’m super excited to be there and to support them.

JP: Is there a specific training approach or focus in these recent weeks in prep for SuperFrog and the Half-Full race a week later? 

LA: There really isn’t. I have been staying fit in a very unorganized sort of way. I pretty much wake up, check the weather, see what my buds are doing, then make a plan. Could be a mountain bike ride, road ride, tempo group run or a gnarly off road trail run. Or 18 holes of golf. I did have to get back in the pool in recent weeks after deciding to race these two tris. I basically stopped swimming in June but have seemed to get the “feel” of the water back.

JP: What is your competitive mindset coming into this weekend’s race? And for the Half-Full? I know you’re starting in the survivor’s wave there.

LA: I feel more like a participant than a competitor to be honest. These are not like the events I was doing in the Spring where I was very focused on trying to win. These are different than that in the sense that they both are for a “higher purpose” in my mind. Having said that I’m sure I’ll go out there and hurt myself a little.

JP: Can you elaborate on your “attempt to be the fittest 40-year old on the planet”? Does it relate to any specific training/racing goals? 

LA: Well, as I was reminded today on my trail run with Derick Williamson and Lance Parker – I am 41. Ha! Spotting these fellas a decade. Nonetheless, I have no intention of sitting still regardless [of] what anybody says. I am not banned from life. Period. I will continue to push myself and push others. There are a lot of other physical challenges out there and I plan on finding them and testing myself and continuing to spread the LIVESTRONG message worldwide. Lastly, there has been considerable interest in a separate “stand alone” series of endurance related events benefiting LIVESTRONG so this is something we are actively exploring. Stay tuned.

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Julia Polloreno

Julia Polloreno

Julia Polloreno is the editor at large of Triathlete magazine. A Stanford University graduate with an award-winning track record in publishing, Polloreno is a two-time Ironman finisher and has been a competitive triathlete for more than a decade.

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