Racing The Hawaii Ironman? The 5 Most Important Race Tips Ever

  • By T.J. Murphy
  • Published Oct 4, 2012
  • Updated Sep 1, 2015 at 1:17 PM UTC
Photo: Kurt Hoy

5. After the race is over 1) fix yourself up and 2) start taking care of any loved ones youve drug with you to Kona.


Racing the Ironman is a long, tough, body-smoking day. Your stomach will be messed up, you may have a lot of trouble sleeping, and getting around can be a bit tricky with your freshly maxed out muscles in a state of complete breakdown.

Now is the time to suck if up if you have a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, family and/or friends with you in tow on the Big Island. Watching the race is a tremendous experience, but more than likely they’ll be just as glad as you (if not more) that all the stress and craziness is over. Be sure to not just bore the hell out of them with tellings and re-tellings of “The Story.” Hopefully you’ve scheduled a few days of R and R for the Big Island or one of the other islands. It’s Hawaii! Forget about triathlon for a bit and take in this other-worldly jewel in the Pacific. Have fun, eat well and make sure everyone has a good time. They’ll be more apt to follow you back the next time you go to a big race.

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