Should I Wear A Wetsuit Today?

  • By Sara McLarty
  • Published Nov 29, 2012
  • Updated Dec 17, 2012 at 4:01 PM UTC
Photo: TriRock

Put a check next to the statements that apply and total them at the bottom to help solve your wetsuit dilemma.

  • The water temperature is below 72 degrees.
  • The high air temperature of the day is below 80 degrees.
  • I am adapted/acclimated to warm temperatures.
  • I have never suffered from heat-related issues in a race.
  • I am trying to set a PR in the swim leg.
  • I am a lean athlete who gets cold easily.
  • I train in my wetsuit more than once a month.
  • I am a beginner swimmer or lack confidence in open water.
  • The swim is more than 400 meters.
  • Jellyfish or other sea creatures are a potential threat.

If your total is…


Pack some BodyGlide, because you should definitely be wearing a wetsuit.


It’s a borderline call. Make a smart decision based on your past experiences.


You are probably part polar bear and don’t need to wear a wetsuit.

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