Triathlete’s Fall Running Shoe Review

  • By Brian Metzler
  • Published Nov 20, 2012
  • Updated Oct 31, 2014 at 4:40 PM UTC
Photo: Nils Nilsen

Reebok RealFlex Flight

10 oz.; 8 oz.

Fit: The airy upper serves up a snug fit from heel to toe, with a smidge of extra room in the toe box. Our testers said the soft, seamless interior and reinforced micromesh upper provide reliable hold to a wide variety of foot shapes.

Feel: Stepping into this shoe reveals its somewhat split personality. Although it has a rather robust, supportive rear-foot section, its snug fit and low-to-the-ground forefoot give the Flight a natural, agile feel.

Ride: With the unique blend of rear-foot support and the multi-directional flexibility in the low-slung forefoot, the Flight offers up both a stable and dynamic ride. “It provides the right amount of stability while allowing for a free-flowing cadence that makes for an enjoyable run,” reported one tester. Our test team was unanimous in thinking the shoe ran lighter than it felt.

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