Dispatch: Trivia Time – The Answers

  • By Holly Bennett
  • Published Dec 14, 2012

Here are the answers to yesterday’s trivia questions:

Which pro triathlete…

1.  …was surprised by a squirrel that jumped out from the dingy closet of the so-called luxury rental accommodation she had booked as a treat for her family during the 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kona?

Five-time Ironman Champion Meredith Kessler.

2.  …is married to a former Cirque du Soleil gymnast who now runs a successful cupcake bakery?

Andy Potts. His wife Lisa previously performed with Cirque du Soleil and now turns her talents to tasty treats, baking up a storm of sweets at Cupcake Girls in Colorado Springs (

3. …spent 10 years of her childhood living in a 19-foot motorhome with her parents and two siblings?

Reigning women’s Ironman World Champion Leanda Cave. Cave’s family, originally from the U.K., traveled all over Australia, usually staying in each location they visited for three to six months.

4. …is a closet Twilight fan?

We’re actually outing two talented Twilight fans: ITU Long Distance World Champion Tim O’Donnell and two-time Wildflower champion Jesse Thomas. Thomas explains his fascination with the series thusly: “As tacky and terrible as Twilight is, I’m a straight up sucker for super powers, so yes, I saw all four movies, in the theater, on opening weekend. #TeamEdward”

5. …detests bananas?

Three-time Ironman Champion Linsey Corbin. “My mom used to give me one a day from the time I started eating,” says Corbin. “Then when I was four, all of a sudden I just started puking them back up. Chris can’t even eat them in the same room as me. I just start gagging.”

6.  …used to break into her high school pool after hours to log extra laps?

Six-time Ironman Champion and super-swimmer Mary Beth Ellis.

7. …once fed his college teammates custom-crafted wasabi-filled Oreo cookies as a prank?

Two-time Ironman champion Ben Hoffman. “We did a training camp in St. George, and we’d rotate every night cooking dinner,” says Hoffman. “There were these Oreo cookies that were half mint and half normal filling. The mint filling looked exactly like wasabi. Dessert when it was my turn to cook? Wasabi Oreos!”

8.  …occasionally eats lunch in the shower?

Eight-time XTERRA USA National Champion and multi-tasking phenom Josiah Middaugh.

9. …sleeps in her young niece’s princess-themed bed when visiting her family?

2010 Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae.

10. …has two tattoos – one depicting eight sparrows (one representing each person in her family) and another depicting Koi (representing courage and strength)?

2012 Wildflower champion and course record holder Heather Jackson. “Koi swim upstream and are rumored to stare at the butcher with eyes wide open right before they get their heads cut off!” says Jackson.

11. …was raised vegetarian and has never tasted a single speck of meat?

Ironman Champion Joe Gambles.

12.  …said this: It might be embarrassing if I eventually do win Kona. I haven’t seen any other bloke cry on stage, but when I picture myself up there I don’t think I could help it. Yeah, I am an emotional athlete…emotional and then some!”

Pete Jacobs, in an interview eight months prior to winning the 2012 Ironman World Championship in Kona. Following his win Jacobs delivered a deeply emotional awards speech, halting numerous times to choke back tears.

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