To Lose Weight, Don’t Eliminate—Substitute

  • By Matt Fitzgerald
  • Published Dec 24, 2012
  • Updated Dec 24, 2012 at 4:07 PM UTC

Small Changes Add Up

The table below illustrates how making these six key substitutions can easily trim a surprising number of calories from your total daily intake.  As you can see from these examples, you don’t need to eat less to cut calories and get lean.  In fact, the lower-calorie plan on the right includes two snacks in addition to three full meals, while the higher-calorie plan on the left has no snacks.

Instead of This… …Eat This Substitutions
Breakfast 1½ cups Wheaties breakfast cereal w/ whole milkOrange Juice

Calories: 367

1 cup Wheaties breakfast cereal w/ fresh strawberries and skim milkOrange Juice

Calories: 302

Midmorning Snack Nothing

Calories: 0


Calories: 72

Lunch McDonald’s Premium Crispy BLT SandwichMedium French Fries

Small Coca-Cola

Calories: 1,080

McDonald’s Premium Grilled Chicken BLT SandwichSmall French Fries

Side salad w/ Newman’s Own Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing


Calories: 780



Afternoon Snack


Dried Apricots

Calories: 156

Dinner 10 oz. Ground Turkey LoafBaked potato w/ sour cream

3 oz. String beans

Cranberry juice cocktail

Calories: 841

8 oz. Extra Lean Ground Turkey Meat LoafBaked potato w/ light sour cream

6 oz. String beans

Soda water w/ lemon

Calories: 613




Total Calories: 2,288 Total Calories: 1,933


Matt Fitzgerald is the author of Iron War: Dave Scott, Mark Allen & The Greatest Race Ever Run (VeloPress 2011) and a Coach and Training Intelligence Specialist for PEAR Sports.

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