Triathlon Troubleshooter

  • By T.J. Murphy
  • Published Dec 7, 2012
  • Updated Oct 31, 2014 at 4:40 PM UTC
Illustration by Oliver Baker.

I get off the bike, put on my running shoes, and my legs feel like sludge and I can barely run.

You transition from the bike to the run and your legs feel like bags of sand.

Solution: You may need to spend some time working on your pedal stroke, says Ingalls. “If you’re just jamming the downstroke you’re using a very specific muscle group and having it do more than it’s designed for. As you get off the bike and start to try to run, you realize you’re quad-dominated technique on the bike has exhausted muscles you need for the run.” Ingalls suggests smoothing out how you pour your leg power into the cranks by adding one-legged cycling drills to your off-season training and aiming for a smooth cadence of 90-100 revolutions per minute. Try working on a CompuTrainer and using the pedal scan to give you feedback on how you’re progressing. When you leave mashing the pedals behind for the smoother stroke, you’ll be saving your quads for the demands of the run.

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