Trevor Bayne Joins Fellow Drivers In Triathlon

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  • Published Jan 25, 2013
Photo: Wikipedia Commons

The trend of elite race car drivers competing in triathlons continues to grow.

Trevor Bayne certainly hasn’t been idle in his hours out of the race car.

In December, he showed that racers are indeed athletes. He trained with fellow NASCAR drivers Josh Wise and Blake Koch to run the Tri Key West Sprint Triathlon in Key West, Fla.

The event included a 20-kilometer bike ride, 0.75-km swim and 5-km run.

It all started as a simple way to exercise while hanging out with his friends.

“Josh Wise, Blake Koch, Scott Speed, we all hop on our road bikes and go ride for two hours and you can talk and still breathe and not be dying or anything like that, so the bike riding is what I enjoy,” Bayne said. “And once we felt like we were getting strong at that, then we started running some and swimming some and just doing different training so you don’t get bored. We’re so competitive; we wanted to be able to compete in something.”

That something turned into the sprint triathlon.

Bayne said he thinks they started training for it in June — and could train for lengthier events if time permits.

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