Getting To The Start Line Of Your First Tri

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  • Published Jan 29, 2013
  • Updated Jan 29, 2013 at 1:42 PM UTC
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Can I do triathlon even if I’m not a good swimmer? In a word, yes. “You do not have to be a ‘good’ swimmer, but you do have to be able to swim,” says Riccitello, adding that “you should be able to swim the length of a 50-meter pool without the aid of a flotation device including (but not limited to) floaties, a life raft, a wetsuit or those noodle thingies that they use in water aerobics class.” He notes that learning how to swim later in life is much easier than many think, and that taking lessons or hiring a swim coach will speed up the process. “And once you learn how to swim, you should take some time to get comfortable in the open water versus a pool. I know I’ve said that a sprint triathlon is a welcoming distance, but I’ve seen more safety issues in the swim than the bike and run combined. So be sure to do your homework with regard to the swim—then jump in with both feet!”

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