No Excuses: Start Training Now

  • By Sarah Wassner Flynn
  • Published Jan 28, 2013
  • Updated Jan 28, 2013 at 6:52 PM UTC
Photo: TriRock

The Excuse: I’m not insanely fit.

The Answer: Triathlon embraces people of every shape and size—just look at the popularity of the Clydesdale (men heavier than 200 pounds) and Athena (women 150-plus pounds) divisions. So don’t let the numbers on the scale scare you away. “One of my athletes hadn’t competed in any sport since high school and went from walking 2 miles to completing a triathlon,” says Stock. “As she progressed, I watched the weight melt off of her as her confidence soared.”

The Approach: Sure, you’re excited to get going. But don’t be too overzealous at first. “Usually people start with a little too much enthusiasm in the first week or so and then are either injured or burned out and leave the whole goal of completing the triathlon by the wayside,” says English. So ease into a training plan, commit to it, and from there, reap the rewards. “You will get fit, lose weight, feel healthy and probably be happier and more productive than you’ve ever been,” says English.

Try This: Structure your diet to support your training and racing goals.

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