Your Off-Season Run Plan

  • By Mackenzie Lobby
  • Published Jan 10, 2013

The Approach: Work on skills and technique.

“Have someone look at your running form and consider injuries and biomechanical issues, then commit to doing the drills that will help address those,” says Bob Hanisch, an exercise physiologist and USAT and USA Cycling-certified coach at Peak Performance Professionals in Brookfield, Wis.

Apply it: While every athlete is different, Hanisch often suggests high knees, butt kicks, skipping drills, lunges and dynamic stretches. Find an area 30–40m wide and do these exercises two to three times per week to foster better knee drive, arm carriage and overall efficiency. “Improving form can help reduce injuries and increase strength and flexibility for the upcoming season,” says Hanisch. Since you should also be running less mileage, these 10–15-minute sessions are easy to fit in and will pay off big.

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