Your Off-Season Run Plan

  • By Mackenzie Lobby
  • Published Jan 10, 2013

The Approach: Concentrate on core and flexibility work.

“Most triathletes have a lot of muscle imbalances when it comes to running, and I see fewer injuries when the season starts again if they’ve been working on strength and flexibility,” says Joy von Werder, USAT-certified coach in Winter Springs, Fla.

Apply it: Von Werder suggests focusing on the entire core, including the hips, obliques and lower back, as those tend to be problem areas on the run. Rotational exercises with a medicine ball, lunges, and good old-fashioned push-ups and sit-ups are a great place to start. When you’re warmed up, include some light stretching for the hip flexors, IT bands, hamstrings, quads and any other potentially tight areas. Von Werder says that including strength and flexibility two times each week in the off-season will not only help you skirt injury, it’ll also assist in getting you back in peak shape sooner once the season begins.

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